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Hi. I’m Dr. Neil Scharf. I know you’re here for a reason, and that reason is you are probably in some type of pain. But don’t worry. I’m here to help. Now if you’ve done any kind of research online you know there are a lot of things out there that people, and doctors claim – help you get out of pain. The problem with that is, a lot of that stuff you read… is hyperbole. That means it’s a lot of B.S. Now I’m not saying it’s all B.S., I’m just saying that if you’re in PAIN, and you’re like me, you want to get rid of your pain as quickly as possible!

How To Stop Your Pain… FAST!

Well I can help you do get out of pain, and I can do that without giving you drugs, which I can’t prescribe drugs, or tell you that you need surgery. Let me tell you something. I am a chiropractor and I don’t give out drugs and recommend surgery. So what do I do and how can I help you get out of pain then? That’s what’s important to you isn’t it? Well let me make this very simple for you. I’ve been practicing for 17 years, and over that time, I’ve found five things that make a huge difference – when someone is in pain.

  1. First of all, they’re dehydrated. I mean they’re not drinking enough water. And not just water, good pH balanced water. If you’re dehydrated, your body, especially your nervous system doesn’t function as well as it should. When it doesn’t function properly, your chances of having some type of pain issue is increased substantially. We’ll talk about water and a few other things when you call in for your FREE Consultation with me.
  2. You have to have the right attitude. I know that sounds crazy, but there are people that think they’re always in pain. And maybe they are, but you have to change your outlook on life and what’s going to happen. If you sit around and think about your pain, and don’t do anything about it, except take medicine, nothing is going to change. Not now, not anytime in the future. I know a woman who’s in her seventies. She sits in a chair most of the day, then sleeps in that same chair at night. Do you think she’s going to get any better? No, you’re right. She’s not. She can’t. Your body was made to move and when you have it sitting in a chair almost 24 hours a day, that is not going to happen.
  3. If you’re going to be healthy and slow down the aging process you have to make your body MOVE. The more it moves, the better it’ll perform and the more you move, the less likely you’re going to have health issues.
  4. You have to get rid of inflammation as fast as possible. If you don’t, you’ll never have or get the results you want. Never.
  5. Last of all you have to have a good connection from your brain, to all your cells. This happens through something called your nervous system.

There are plenty of reasons why you should visit a chiropractor in Coral Springs and Parkland FL. People often think you have to be nearly immobile in order to go see a chiropractor. The truth is that many patients who come to the Parkland Pain Relief Center are actually very mobile and healthy. However, they have an ailment that causes discomfort or even pain and it needs regular treatment. This could be due to a medical issue, auto accident, fall, recovery from surgery or something else. The cause is not the concern, the concern is making sure that you know you are on the best possible road to feeling better even if it takes time.

Patients who suffer from back or neck pain because of an auto accident may not experience symptoms for weeks or even months after the accident occurs. There is no way of knowing how our bodies will react to a major trauma and if surgery and pain meds are not an option, or you prefer them not to be, then finding a chiropractor in Coral Springs and Parkland FL is the next best option. It may be a simple adjustment or it may take multiple visits. The goal is to feel better and get better now and then see a reduction in visits as time moves forward. Everyone is different and you won’t know how you will respond to treatment until you come in. Stop delaying and seek professional assistance from your leading chiropractor today and get on the road to recovery.

I’m going to tell you in simple terms, your nervous system is comprised of mainly your brain, which runs the show, and several trillion cells, which your spinal cord is composed of. Take care of your nervous system, the brain and nervous system and everything functions better. If you’re tired of being in PAIN and you’d like to get out of pain, the right way, and not cover up your symptoms, call my office today. You’ll be glad you did because it’s the right thing to do, and there are hundreds of people in this area that will vouch for me. Here’s the phone number to call today.


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